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Appraisal Services in El Cajon, CA.

We appraise all property types and for nearly any purpose in El Cajon.

El Cajon - Houses - Condominiums - Land - Townhouses - Bankruptcy - Divorce - Date of Death - Taxes - Disputes - Property Damage - Estates

Thank you for your consideration of our appraisal services in El Cajon, CA.  We are professional real appraisers that produce the highest quality valuations you are likely to find - backed up by years of experience and a track record of satisfied customers.
We understand that choosing an appraiser can be difficult and are here to answer any questions you have. Please call today for a no-pressure consultation.
El Cajon Appraisal Fees
Our valuations usually range in price from $175.00 to $299.00 for typical properties. While 95%+ of all appraisals in El Cajon will fall within this range, custom properties, unique properties, or properties with acreage may carry higher fees.  Please call for a quote.
$299.00 - Full Appraisal in El Cajon
$249.00 - Short Form Appraisal
$225.00 - Drive-By Appraisal
$175.00 - Desktop Valuation
Common Appraisal Services
Below is a partial list of our most common El Cajon appraisal requests.
Short Sales Date of Death
Divorce Partnership Dissolution
Taxes / IRS Estates & Trusts
Retrospective Loss Mitigation
Bankruptcy Probate
Foreclosure Insurance Disputes
Mortgages Proof of Net Worth
Bonds Pre-Buy or Sale
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